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How To Ollie with Sean Hanley
Woodward Camp (Multi-Sport) Web Channel
Learn the most essential trick in skateboarding from Ollie master Sean Hanley. Woodward Camp instructors are an essential part of our program, That is why we pick the crème de la crème of skate instructors to help you advance your skateboarding during the week of camp that you are at camp. Take a l...
Built By Woodward
Woodward Camp (Multi-Sport) Web Channel
-- Subscribe: Go To Camp Woodward: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: -- Camp Woodward Playlists Woodward PA: Wood...
Introducing Woodward Cheer Girls
Woodward Camp (Multi-Sport) Web Channel
Introducing Woodward Cheer Girls - Season 1 15 year olds Amy Damante and Cameron Van Deusen are literally obsessed with cheerleading. They cheer and compete on a team called the Lady Jags in Miami, Florida. Cheerleading is a lot of fun, but it takes a serious amount of hard work and dedication. ...
Derrick Wilson: Trickipedia - Varial Heelflip
The Berrics [Skate] Web Channel
• Subscribe to The Berrics 👉 This week Derrick Wilson handles the Varial Heelflip. Trickipedia is not a “trick tips” section, but that doesn't mean you're not going to learn. Trickipedia is the general education page for skateboarding tricks started by The Berri...
Borealization S1E1- Woodward Tahoe
Woodward Camp (Multi-Sport) Web Channel
Borealization is defined as the adaptation to life in more northernly regions. After a long winter and over 620 inches of snow, slushy park days are back and a new series is born. Watch as Brady Lem, Tim Humphreys, Benny Urban, Chris Roach and more take their skills to the new Neffland Setup at Wo...
Camp Woodward Season 8 - EP11: Happy Birthday CJ
Woodward Camp (Multi-Sport) Web Channel
Camp Woodward Season 8 - Episode 11 All Episodes: Episode 11 follows Berronte to the hospital where he finds out that he has a broken scaphoid, a small bone at the base of his wrist, and he must wear a cast for the next three months. Meanwhile at camp, pro skater Manny Sant...
Skateboarder João Allen Lets Loose in the Streets of Lisbon
Red Bull (Multi-Sport) Web Channel
►Click here to skate Greece! Skating the rugged concrete, stone, dirt surfaces of the Portuguese capital takes heart. To do it with style, takes greatness. João Allen knows a thing or two about Lisbon street spots, so we pointed our lenses and let his skating do the talkin...
Staff Tumble Demo: Week 2
Woodward Camp (Multi-Sport) Web Channel
The staff demo during week 2 out at Woodward Camp in PA was awesome this past summer! Check out some of these highlights including some shots with special guests Rustam Sharipov, Jordyn Wieber, Jesse La Flair, Marcus Gustaffson, Dante Grazioli and Brandon Douglass. Woodward Staff Members: Elli...
Dan's Comp PSA: How-To Build a Complete Bike
DansComp [BMX] Web Channel
Congratulations on your new BMX complete bike from Dan's Comp! Buried within the Dan's Comp video vault, we found detailed instructions on how-to complete the assembly of your new bike, right out of the box. Enjoy and don't forget to hit that "Thumbs Up" button. Follow Dan's Comp and the guys on ...
VIP: Mike Mag
Woodward Camp (Multi-Sport) Web Channel
A few quick hitters from the man Mike Mag and even a special guest clip from Brandon Buchko at Woodward PA last summer. Enjoy. Filmed/Edited: Jordan Huffman -- Subscribe: Go To Camp Woodward: Facebook:
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